The Elder Scrolls Dungeons & Dragons

These days and years, the best way how to relax is to escape to the amazing world of mysterious dungeons, monters and dragons, who protect ancients secrets and unprecedented treasures. We are a fansgroup of the RPG – we play computer games such as The Elders Scrols, the Baldur´s Gate and others, and we play their non-computer versions, as well. From 2015 to 2019 we played- as many czech players- the czech version of the Dungeons and Dragons called Draci doupe, but then we have found the magic and the amazing possibilities of the original game.

Regularly once a month, we meet together at home to transfer into the universe of the Sword coast. Our mission is usually to rescue innocents, fight against an evil- against dangerous bandits, who endanger people in a city, or against orcs who attack pilgrims in a forest. Our adventures have become legendary and we laugh at our failures for a long time.

Currently, we play the DnD game online- because of COVID situation, beause it is not a barrier, which is capable to stop us.

If you are interesting and want to escape from reality, you can join us.